Take Care Die Cut Sticker

Take Care Die Cut Sticker


Decorate the world with stickers! A reminder to be kind and compassionate. <3 

Size: approximately 4 x 4"

Outdoor Durable!

Matte Vinyl!

Featuring hand drawn illustrations + original hand lettering, WORTHWHILE PAPER GOODS are made with honest intentions to bring good energy + beauty into the world.

They are proud to use water-based screen printing inks + recycled white + kraft paper stocks from French Paper Company, a Michigan paper mill that operates on 100% hydropower. Additionally, they like to use their resources wisely - ganging up cards on larger sized sheets to save energy + materials, using leftover ink from other jobs to make new inks, using leftover scrap paper to make their promotional materials, re-using cardboard boxes from the shop's shipments, etc.