Luxe Bamboo Spa Headband
Luxe Bamboo Spa Headband
Luxe Bamboo Spa Headband

Luxe Bamboo Spa Headband


Keep hair swept off your face when cleansing or applying make-up + masks with this luxurious spa headband. Made from a blend of bamboo + cotton, this super soft headband is thick + wide with a velcro closure for effortless wear + easy adjusting.

  • 70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton 
  • Machine washable
  • Biodegradable

NASH & JONES is committed to crafting products that are not only amazing for your skin + bodies, but perform even better than big box shelf alternatives. This small family-owned + operated company says NO to: petroleum + petroleum by-products, dyes, harmful preservatives, fillers, perfumes, and mineral oil. They do, however, say YES to: 

  • Not testing on animals
  • Employing sustainable methods to harvest natural ingredients in a responsible manner
  • Choosing cold-pressed, expeller-pressed + steam-distilled oils and essential oils as well as plants + roots that are renewable
  • Keeping sustainability in mind when choosing products that are harvested from the earth + the people that harvest them
  • Using ingredients that are alive, come from the earth + nourish with naturally occurring vitamins + minerals