Love All Enamel Pin

Love All Enamel Pin


An important message to love all, encased in colorful heart shapes.

This unique enamel pin is ready for you to adorn your favorite jacket or bag and also makes a perfect little gift for a friend.

- Size: 1 inch
- Type: Hard Enamel Cloisonné
- Enamel colors: orange, peachy pink, white, black
- Metal color: Polished gold
- Black rubber backing
- Worthwhile Paper logo engraved on back

Featuring hand drawn illustrations + original hand lettering, WORTHWHILE PAPER GOODS are made with honest intentions to bring good energy + beauty into the world.

They are proud to use water-based screen printing inks + recycled white + kraft paper stocks from French Paper Company, a Michigan paper mill that operates on 100% hydropower. Additionally, they like to use their resources wisely - ganging up cards on larger sized sheets to save energy + materials, using leftover ink from other jobs to make new inks, using leftover scrap paper to make their promotional materials, re-using cardboard boxes from the shop's shipments, etc.