Hibiscus Earrings
Hibiscus Earrings
Hibiscus Earrings

Hibiscus Earrings


These Hibiscus Earrings are handcrafted from a renewable palm tree nut native to the lush tropical rainforests of Ecuador, and hand-dyed with high-grade certified organic vegetable dyes imported from Italy.


x  1.5" long & very lightweight 
x  made from Tagua
x  ear wires are lead free, nickel free & hypoallergenic
x  organic vegetable dyes
x  made in Ecuador through direct, equitable trade 
x  women-owned business
x  due to the nature & size of the tagua nuts, sizes are approx., not exact

Also referred to as the Ecuadorean Ivory Palm, the Tagua tree produces several bushels of seed pods a year with up to 100 Tagua nuts per pod. These nuts are then harvested, dried, and crafted into a wide range of products. Tagua has the same appearance, density, and feel of animal ivory without doing any harm to any animals or the rainforests where it is gathered.