GROUNDING Smudge Stick Alternative

GROUNDING Smudge Stick Alternative


Relax, center, and reground with this colorful cleansing wand. Invite in groundedness, tranquility + calm with Lavender, Amethyst, Eucalyptus.

Refresh + renew your mind and spirit, while banishing negative energies with Wormwood, inviting in prosperity + bounty with Mint, and sincerity + fellowship with Statice.

Made with: Green Sage, Eucalyptus, Mountain Mint, Statice, Wormwood, Baby’s Breath and adorned with a Amethyst crystal.

Made with: Black Sage, Chaparral, Bay Leaf, Wormwood, Citrus.

A perfect housewarming gift or cleanser for new or tired spaces.

Good for 1-3 cleanses per wand depending on usage, results may vary per user. It is your sole responsibility to practice responsible fire safety standards + routines within your home. Per our recommendation you should always light your herbal cleanser outside over a fire proof container.

Some variation may occur as these are hand tied + materials can differ in weight, fullness, and density.

This listing is for a single item, if you would like multiple wands please select the desired quantity. Photos are shown with larger product groups to give you a better idea of variation and variety.



Essential oils in the herbs diffuse into the air over time, causing the scent to “fade.” To refresh your wand simply rub/roll between your palms gently!


SHOP NOTES: Please note that all flowers + smudges are shipped DRY or PARTIALLY DRY and shedding is perfectly normal!

Dry flower bunches such as Lavender are harvested + stored exactly as they were when they were brought in from the field. Shedding is normal + will be excess petals, not causing cosmetic damage.

STEADFAST FLOWERS was born of a garden that grew too wild too fast! Their little farm was started in 2017 in a back-yard in small town North Carolina. Now they are expanding, growing bigger, better, and cultivating their passion for quality herbs + flowers.

Steadfast is wholly dedicated to artfully crafted intention made with carefully selected herbs + flowers from sustainable + responsible foragers, local farms, and family owned businesses.