Algae Peel-off Mask
Algae Peel-off Mask
Algae Peel-off Mask
Algae Peel-off Mask
Algae Peel-off Mask
Algae Peel-off Mask
Algae Peel-off Mask

Algae Peel-off Mask


Algae Peel-Off Mask with antioxidant properties. For mature, dull or problematic skin.


In only 10 minutes, this antioxidant formula will help soothe, purify & revitalize the skin. Formulated with Chlorella, to stimulate collagen production, with Aloe vera, to soothe & moisturize the skin, and with Ginkgo Biloba, for its anti-inflammatory & anti-aging effects, this face mask will leave your skin glowing!

This peel-off face mask comes in a powder form, which needs to be mixed with water in order to obtain a gel texture. Once dry, the mask should be peeled off the skin & does not need to be rinsed. Once your spa-time is done, you can compost the mask.


x marine algae found on the shores, not harvested from the ocean floor
x vegan & cruelty-free
x recyclable packing & compostable 
x female founded business
x made in France


Mix 0.5oz (3 teaspoons) of powder with 1.5oz (3 tablespoons) of water, or until you get a smooth and thick mixture. Apply in a thick layer on a clean skin with a vegan mask brush. Let it dry for about 10 minutes, then remove by lifting it off in one piece.

Important: The mixture should be thick and should be applied in a generous layer on the skin in order for the mask to peel off easily. Use 1 x a week.

2.8 oz. 5 uses.



Algae: marine algae is full of benefits for the skin. It is detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. It also helps to retain moisture into the skin.

Chlorella: chlorella has a skin-lightening and brightening effect that may help in the reduction of pigmentation of the skin. The high levels of vitamins and minerals also stimulate the cells reproduction.

Aloe Vera: this ingredient is soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging. It is also light and non-comedogenic, which is ideal for blemish prone skins.

Ginkgo Biloba: ginkgo leaf extract has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. It also helps protect the skin against free radicals.