Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend
Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend
Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend
Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend
Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend

Nourish My Brain Adaptogen Blend


A Neuroscientist-formulated cognitive support blend!

WHAT IT IS: a caramel-tasting herbal blend packed with potent adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to support a clear, focused mind with rejuvenated learning and memory ability.

100% gluten free, vegan + sugar-free. Caramel-like, earthy taste that pairs well with coffee, milk, tea or smoothies. Just add 1 tsp/serving enjoy every day as adaptogens work best when taken consistently over time.


  • Clinically studied Lion's Mane Mushroom contributes to NGF synthesis, which boosts cognitive performance indicators like learning + memory ability.
  • Additional Snow Mushroom works to help protect against age + stress-related cognitive decline.
  • Ashwagandha helps balance cortisol levels, which in turn manages the body's stress response.

PERFECT FOR: avoiding distractions during long meetings, powering through an afternoon of creative time, or just helping you stay sharp.


Lion's Mane Mushroom: improves cognitive performance, specifically learning and memory ability.

Maca Root: helps improve memory recall ability and overall learning ability.

Snow Mushroom:helps protects against age-related cognitive decline.

Ashwagandha: reduces and manages the body's stress response.

NOTE: Peak + Valley only uses the fruiting body (not mycelium) for all of their mushroom extracts. Their Lion's Mane extract contains over 25% Beta-D-Glucans, while their Snow Mushroom contains over 10%.

The ingredients in their blends have been used in Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years. They, as a company, respect and appreciate the cultural and ethnobotanical background of these ingredients.

* These statements have not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

PEAK + VALLEY makes plant-based elixirs to enhance your beauty, mood + mind. They are a small team from Seattle, WA that started in 2019 with the mission of bringing inclusive, science-backed, and honest products to the world of wellness. Keeping in line with that mission, their ingredients are always organic or wildcrafted, vegan, and ethically sourced.