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Close the Loop: Resell + Recycle 

close the loop sell and recycle


Trends come and go, style changes, and our lives and bodies fluctuate. It’s totally normal to need a refresh every now and then. So when you’re ready to part with your pre-loved apparel and textiles, bring them back to the shop.

We offer a consignment program that allows you to exchange your items for store credit. The best part? We accept items that are in great condition from a variety of sources. They don't have to be from Siela or another ethical brand fast fashion pieces need a chance to find a new life in someone else's closet, too! 

We are currently in search of the following items: 

Please note : we are a tiny shop that does not have much rack space. For that reason, we kindly ask that you bring well cared for, seasonally appropriate items made from natural fabrics whenever possible. 

Consignment Hours: 

We accept items during shop hours Tuesday-Friday. If you are unable to drop by the shop during that time, please contact us to make other arrangements. 

If we have availability to process your items right away, we will. Otherwise, we will send you a text once your items and store credit are ready for pickup. 

Closing the Loop: Recycling Program 

For items with rips, tears, or stains that are unable to be consigned, repaired, or repurposed, we offer a fabric recycling program. So whether your items are in great condition or not, we help you to close the loop and keep your clothing out of the landfill. 

Textile Recycling FAQs: 

What can I bring to you to recycle?

All clean and dry household textiles and clothes. We accept your best stuff and also items that are really worn i.e a bra where the underwire has come out or that one odd sock. 

What happens to the items?

Well, first - they will be diverted from landfill! #nolandfill Once sorted by the type and quality of garment, they will go to thrift stores, charities, upcyclers,  or recycling companies.

What do you mean by “household textiles”?

Blankets, towels, dish cloths, bed linen, cotton face masks etc! You get the idea! 

Do you take pillows or cushions?

Unfortunately not, they aren't suitable for resale and are very difficult to recycle, depending on the inners.

So you will take “good stuff” and “bad stuff”?

Sure will! Things you would be inclined to throw away; items you think would be ok to donate and yes, items that can actually be re-sold. We take care of the lot and get the right outlets the right pieces so nothing goes to landfill.

Even my old underpants?

Yes, even your old underpants! Or (laundered) cloth diapers. Or that old blanket that's been in your dog’s kennel for years (once you have washed it, of course!)