mending + alterations

Take Care: Mending + Alterations

 take good care mending and alterations

Once we’ve connected you with your “good goods,” we want to help make it easy to take care of them. The longer you’re able to use and enjoy your purchases, the better.

In order to help you do that, we offer simple mending services and alterations with a local artist. In other words, stitch it, don't ditch it!

Services Offered: 

Prices range from $5-25, and pricing and turnaround time will be dependent on the project. 

Simply drop by the shop with your items in need of repair, answer a few questions, and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll receive a text when your items are ready. It really can be that easy to reduce your clothing waste and prolong the life of your pieces. 

These services are available for all clothing and apparel, not just items that you've purchased through the shop. (Though if you try on a piece in store that needs a tiny tweak - we're happy to arrange that for you upon purchase!) 

Closing the Loop: Recycling Program 

For items with rips, tears, or stains that are unable to be repaired, repurposed, or donated, we will be introducing a fabric recycling program. So whether your items are in great condition or not, we help you to close the loop and keep your clothing out of the landfill. Be on the lookout for updates on this service, coming very soon!