Shoe Drive for Carolina Waterfowl Rescue



Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is a wildlife rescue organization that provides sanctuary, rescue, and rehabilitation for wildlife, farm & exotic animals. They open their doors to those animals that few rescues are willing to or are able to accommodate: domestic & wild foal, migratory songbirds, reptiles, farm animals, and even "pocket pets".

They are truly a phenomenal organization that provide loving care for hundreds of animals that have nowhere else to go.

And they really need our help. 

Food costs have risen 60%, and they have also picked up the slack for other organizations that have stopped taking in animals while receiving no additional funding.

Now through August 31st they are having a SNEAKER DRIVE FUNDRAISER to offset the cost of their intake & care of injured wildlife.

And, it doesn't cost you anything but your old sneakers.

You can help by simply donating a pair of sneakers or rubber soled cleats in ANY condition - barely used, barely usable, and everything in between. However, they MUST come in a pair.  

Siela will be collecting donations in store and will deliver them to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue when the drive ends.

Ripped, worn, tattered, paint stained, sweaty, smell - we'll take them ALL! 

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue will receive $7 per pair donated. This will not only help feed their animals, but the shoes will stay out of landfill and reduces toxic chemicals from being released in our air & soil.


Siela Storefront - Open Sign


You can drop off any donations at the shop during operating hours. 

If you are unable to pop in during our current operating hours, please email us at and we will coordinate a time that fits with your schedule.

📍  address: 318 e. south main. st. suite i waxhaw, nc 28173

⏰  hours: mon. - thurs. 11am - 5pm, fri. & sat. 11am - 6pm 

Other drop off location(s) include:

Weddington Town Hall
1924 Weddington Rd. 
Matthews, NC 28104


Have shoes to donate, but do not live in North Carolina? No problem! Please email us at and we will help you request your free collection kit - all shipping is FREE.


Carolina Waterfowl Rescue runs entirely on donations. Your donations pay for medications for sick animals, shelters, food and water for the residents in their care, their highly skilled staff rehabbers, and the maintenance of facilities.

Your contribution will help them save many more animals that don't otherwise have a voice.

    1. Send a one-time donation
    2. Set up a monthly donation (even $1/mo. is so appreciated!)
    3. Join them on Patreon
    4. Purchase items off their Amazon Wishlist to fill a direct need
    5. Connect CWR to your Amazon account via Amazon Smile

Click here for all the details.  

Image Courtesy of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

IN 2021:

Image Courtesy of Steven Miller


An estimated 600 million pair of shoes go into America's landfills EVERY year. 100% of these shoes can be recycled and the majority of these shoes can still be reused.

Most people throw away their used sneakers every 125-200 days without ever thinking about recycling. Since sneakers are manufactured with materials that are not biodegradable, they remain in landfills or are incinerated, which leads to toxic chemicals in our air and soil.

The process of manufacturing sneakers produces large amounts of CO2 which contributes to the serious effects of climate change. Recycling and reusing sneakers keeps them out of landfills, reduces the need for manufacturing new shoes, and supports a growing circular economy. 

Colorful Clothing Racks at Siela

SERVE & SAVE: As a thank you for your donation, we'd like to give you 10% off your next purchase at Siela. Available in store & online. If making an online donation / purchase, please email us at so we can apply the discount. 

We are beyond humbled and grateful for your support as together we try to meet the needs of injured & abandoned animals. Your generosity is a small revolution of kindness.