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Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Holidays can create a lot of trash. Here are some alternative gift wrapping options to save your money and the planet. 


Dried fruit

Click here to learn how to dry fruit in your own oven. 


Cut foliage or collect pine cones and twigs from your yard to use with your gifts. You could also remove parts from a bouquet of flowers. 


Click here to learn how to make potato stamps. Or search for stamps at your local thrift store. 

Old greeting card

Cut off the signature part of old greeting cards. Use the front image to add some spice to your gifts and reuse bags that you otherwise would’ve thrown away. 

Twine, Leather Cord, Wire

These are great tying materials you may already have laying around. 

Fabric strips

Cut an old beat up shirt into strips then use the strips as ribbon. 

Wrap with Recyclables 

Wrap with kraft, newspaper and/ or magazine cuttings. Then embellish with some of the above examples. 

A Gift Within A Gift 

Wrap a gift with a scarf, tea towel, or blanket. 

You could use a bag that is part of the gift as a gift bag. 

Then you add embellishments of your choice. 


Reuse gift bags from shops. You can use the front of a greeting card to cover up labels

Save tissue paper and gift bags from previous gifts to use again.